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Yongji electric co., LTD. Is a professional manufacturer of circuit breaker series products, which integrates scientific research, manufacturing, processing and trade. After more than ten years of development, the company has entered a new stage of development.
On the management of the company always adhering to the people-oriented management concept, the management of the company's management regulations, fully embodies the humanized characteristics, through the cooperation and exchanges with foreign firms, fully accept advanced modern enterprise management idea and experience, has a modern private enterprise norms, human nature, the characteristics of flexible. Through the introduction of CIS system, the company has dug into its own history, refined its own culture, and further unified the thoughts, behaviors and corporate identity of its employees.
Leading technology has been the company's advantages, the technical indicators reached international advanced level, the company's products quality get the global high-end market recognition, circuit breaker and residual current circuit breaker, etc. Series of products with independent intellectual property rights, testing and assembly equipment, advanced manufacturing technology exquisite, can fully meet the user's quality requirements. The company regards the quality as the life, thinks the quality is the enterprise sustainable management fundamental, passes and strictly implements ISO9001 international quality management system authentication.
Company customer distribution in 50 countries, all over the world, the European market is our company a dominant market, customers in the world 500 strong enterprises, through the long-term cooperation, has been formed and the company to win more good situation.
When we see the rapid and healthy development of our company, we also realize our shortcomings compared with the world-class companies. However, I believe that as long as we adhere to the corporate philosophy of "humility, innovation, long-term development and integrity" and keep innovating and making progress, we will surely become the world's top circuit breaker supplier. It is not our goal to pursue the vast and empty space, but the direction of our development is exquisite and professional.
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