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The development of yongji electric has gone through three stages:


Stage 1:

We focus on product technology and quality management. After the accumulation of enterprise initial period of time, the company vigorously promotes the quality of the product management and technical reconstruction, in the industry take the lead in the introduction of ISO quality management system, pay attention to the introduction of advanced product technology and equipment, and hired industry famous expert at the same time, the sign talent input agreements with universities, pay attention to on the investigation to the similar foreign advanced enterprises, learn about their quality and technical management experience, strengthen the cooperation with them, and successively by the European Union CE, Sweden, Finland, Poland, Argentina, B F1 S IRAM and CB product safety certification and China CCC, and many other certification system of strict quality management system certification. The technical indicators of the products have reached the international advanced level, and the quality has been recognized by the global high-end market.

Stage 2:

We began to focus on the company's operation and management, the introduction of advanced scientific management system, system and procedures, we successively introduced the ERP enterprise resource management system, enterprise CIS corporate image recognition system, OA office automation system, and try to carry out the plan in the whole company management system and the implementation of comprehensive budget management, implementation of the new recruitment, training, compensation, performance appraisal and incentive system of human resources policies, and established long-term cooperation relationship with some enterprise management consulting company, and organize regular enterprise management personnel and professional training institutions for training to colleges and universities.

Stage 3:

We pay attention to the integration and investment of the company's resources and establish an industrial chain. At this stage, we set up a head office. The head office is responsible for the integration, allocation and monitoring of all the resources of the branch, as well as determining and taking charge of the direction, planning and management of the company's overall investment. In ensuring that the company main business growth rate every year under the premise of around 30%, we successively set up investment precision mould, plastic products company, and successively with many famous companies, such as South Korea and Italy set up joint venture, is gradually formed its own industrial chain.


Shanghai Yongji Electric Co., Ltd.

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